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Agile software development
for small companies with big ideas

Your business vision is unique.
We build unique software to deliver it

Our expert team has more than 20 years experience in designing, building and scaling high-quality apps and web-based software. We’d love to help deliver your vision.

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From drawing board to 1000 customers in just 24 months

Learn how we helped breathe become one of the UK’s fastest growing providers of online HR software.

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Our services help companies do more online

Strategy | Development | Data | Nauts on board

Strategy | Development | Data | Nauts on board

Strategy & consultancy (because you’re a visionary and not a mindless robot)

In every small business there comes a point where an increasing workload stops you focusing on the bigger picture. Our ‘discovery missions’ help you see the wood for the trees and undestand how your can revolutionise your business processes.

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Strategy | Development | Data | Nauts on board

Agile development that quickly delivers tangible benefits to your customers.

We provide continuous development to reduce your admin workload, provide real business intelligence and deliver smarter services to your customers. We give you more time to run your business (instead of being run by it).

Strategy | Development | Data | Nauts on board

Big data made actionable and meaningful

We understand big data (we’ve even won a government innovation grant in the field). We also understand that big data for the sake of big data is pointless. So we focus on turning big data into actionable and meaningful insight to help you deliver innovative services.

Strategy | Development | Data | Nauts on board

Nauts on board Your in-house outsourced web team

Our ‘nauts on board’ package combines strategy, development, hosting, support and on-going development into a seamless, pay-monthly package. It’s an outsourced solution that is delivered with a level of passion and commitment that makes it feel like our team is part of your company (for a fraction of the cost of finding your own CTO and developers).

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Meet our team of rocket scientists (problem solvers, developers & all round good guys)

Over the last 15 years we’ve often found ourselves doing things that no-one’s done before. So we’ve assembled a team of people who can think outside the box, solve tough problems and produce awesome code (including the awesome Slog). They’re also great fun to work with.