Rocket science for online business

We help companies innovate by creating web-based systems that deliver insight, optimize business processes and empower customers.

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Analysis and strategy A big step up from your average code monkeys

We help companies shape innovative new business models using a combination of our 13 years of industry experience and data science. We’ll look at your core business processes with you and find ways of adding “internet awesome” to do anything from reducing admin workloads to totally disrupting the status quo in your industry.

We create web applications that make awesome things possible

We create revolutionary “whole-business” web applications that deliver seamless integration between your public-facing web site and your core business es. It’s an approach that delivers smarter services to your customers, reduces your admin workload, and captures the data you need to gain real insight into your business.

All of which gives you more time to run your business – instead of being run by it

Meet the Datanauts problem solvers, innovators & digital superheroes

Over the last 13 years we’ve often found ourselves doing things that no-one’s done before. So we’ve assembled a team of data explorers – people who can solve problems, produce great code and “deliver awesome”

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Datanauts are based in Brighton, one of the UK’s most vibrant digital hubs. Meet the team »